Peter J. Hawkins

PPeter Hawkins is a founder director, and currently President of the European School of Psychotherapy, as well as being on the Faculty of the European School of Integrative Psychotherapy.

He is a visiting professor at ISMAI in Portugal. Peter has been involved in hypnosis and psychotherapy training in many countries during the past 30 years, and is presently teaching courses for clinicians in Italy, Spain and Portugal. He has written a number of books on hypnotherapy.

Co-Director of two Erickson Institutes, in Madrid and Northern Portugal (Porto), and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. Former Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Health Psychologist of the British Psychological Society and has directed several European Union projects in counselling and health psychology in Romania, Uzbekistan and countries of western Europe, He has frequently presented papers and workshops at international conferences. As well as being involved at an international level Peter has also been actively involved in hypnosis training in the UK and currently maintains a private practice in Sunderland.

Specialist interests include psychosomatic problems, issues related to medical interventions (for example, chemotherapy), sleeping problems, psycho-sexual problems, pregnancy & childbirth, and working with children.





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