Naturalistic Hypnosis in Conversion Disorders Treatment II

Camilo Loriedo has developed and refined an intervention to treat patients with conversion symptoms. Using a “naturalistic” approach involves the acceptance and use of the found situation, not trying to restructure psychologically, establishing a synergy that downloads some responsibility of the process to the patient commitment to solve the problem. This model facilitates a rapid response.

Loriedo avoids a number of common barriers in other interventions for the same condition, and the reluctance of patients to a “psychological” treatment for a disorder that patients perceive as involuntary. Many of patients don’t seem to be worried about symptoms and disability.

A clear, simple and honest approach to both sides. The procedure tests the patient’s decision and relies on patient resources to realign her-his proper functioning and release of a mysterious disorder, for which we have not yet found a satisfactory explanation.

Everything happens in a small temporary space, in which exchanges and unnecessary detours are limited. The initial encounter between patient and therapist, the acceptance and use of the material provided by the patient promotes rapid acceptance of therapy and rapid induction of trance. Allows deeper states of trance that facilitate the management of the therapeutic situation. It also saves patients from ritualized repetitive procedures, typical in other hypnosis applications, that could tire and distract patients from their objectives: solution of disabling symptoms and willingness to employ active behaviors to redirect her-his life.

An extensive literature, starting in late nineteenth century, documents the use of hypnosis based treatment in conversion disorders.

Loriedo’s approach differs from published to date, includes unique elements that facilitate patient encounter with a customized solution.

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